Here are some excerpts from the Skinningrove and Carlin How (Whitecliffe) log books. They suggest possible local historic facts that Tommy and Barry could encounter.

Carlin How
8th Oct 1909 Half day holiday given – Merit holiday

3rd Dec 1909 Owing to a severe storm only 6 children here today.

3rd Feb 1911 A number of children still absent owing to whooping cough

1st March 1911 HMI Roberts visited school this afternoon for a short time.

28th Oct 1912 Miss Douglas is absent from school suffering from pneumonia

29th Oct 1912 Miss Douglas died today.

23rd Jan 1914 50 children absent with measles, mumps and chicken pox.

6th April 1914 the school was closed today on account of the building being used for election purposes.

1st May 1914 The religious part of the school work is earnestly conducted in all classes.

6th Nov 1914 There are 37 cases of whooping cough.

5th April 1916 There was another Zeppelin alarm last night and a large number of children spent a part of the night in the Skinningrove mine.

2nd April 1917 During the morning a blizzard became more severe and 73 children attended for the afternoon meeting.

29th Oct 1919 The school nurse visited the school this afternoon – routine inspection of verminous children.

14th July 1920 The school was closed today on the occasion of the Miners demonstration day at Staithes.

17th Oct 1924 82 children were weighed at the CWS stores in Carlin How. An arrangement made to avoid the walk to Skinningrove School.

7th Sept 1926 This morning 12 dual desks were transferred to Dormanstown Infants school.

6th April 1916 There was an air raid in which the school was badly damaged by a high explosive bomb.

23rd Jan 1874 Gallery lessons on number, form and colour have been given.

30th Oct 1874 Several withdrawals on account of school opening at Carlin How.

25th Sept 1876 School inspected by T S Aldis.

18th May 1877 The average attendance is 96.8%

18th Feb 1878 The card class began to read in books and a number of children were drafted in from the alphabet class to one higher.

31st Jan 1879 Examined the 2nd and 3rd classes in reading and found they were making steady progress.

20th April 1880 The reading in the 2nd and 3rd class requires strict attention.

17th Jan 1881 The school has been closed four weeks owing to the prevalence of scarlet fever.

22nd Aug 1881 The weather somewhat cloudy. The children have been noisy.

19th Oct 1883 Three object lessons have been given this week.

21st June 1887 School closed today for the Queen’s jubilee. The children were given food, tea and afterwards joined in sports. Before leaving the field each child was given a copper.

5th Sept 1887 Have received back from mixed school 9 children who do not know anything of letters.

3rd Oct 1887 Have drawn up 2 lists of conversational lessons, one for upper and one for lower division of children.

8th June 1890 Many children off school with mumps and influenza.

8th Jan 1894 Should have resumed school today but so few children came we could not. The roads are very bad with the recent storm.

19th July 1895 Closed for General election.

24th 25th March 1898 Great storm of wind and snow. School closed through it. Could not use the back door for the wind. Thermometer registered 46 degrees.

26th Sept 1902 End of first quarter – examined all classes – all doing well.

22nd Oct 1913 It is hoped that Junior mixed staff will be strengthened without delay.

6th 7th April 1914 School closed on account of air raid.

12th Dec 1914 Had to complain about the heating . The temperature at 9am only 30 degrees.

2nd May 1921 Owing to strike, feeding of necessitous children has begun today.