Some ideas from Drek Harding

if they go back to the period when mining was at its height there are interesting things that can be explored. e.g.

  • Accents - a lot of the accents would not be local. Irish, Cornish, Welsh, some from abroad (there is evidence of people coming from America for example) etc.
  • Superstitions - miners wouldn't go down the pit if they saw a pig on the way to work. Tricky if you have to pass the allotments!
  • Subsidence - they used to plot where the churches were on the surface and leave the ground underneath them un-mined so they didn't collapse. This didn't seem to matter for fields and such tho.

Straads Ideas

I think we may be able to build the entire set in Monochrome with only the characters in colour - wouldn't work if we used other existing sets though.

Tommy and Barry could get into scrapes and maybe try to escape and end up further back in time and attacked by Morlocks (from Brotton !! )

Maybe Insp Bell and Mark i and Mark ii will have to go back in time to retrieve their tardis and rescue Tommy and Barry.

Update 21/07/2010

Inspector Bell has expressed an interest in involvement in the film. Apart from the police leaving their Tardis around my (ST) 8 year old granddaughter noticed something else. They arrested Arthur Vador the chief villain but not his two henchmen the White Lightning Troupers. Perhaps these two could sneak into the Tardis just before Tommy and Barry set it off thus causing some problems for T & B in the past as well as the present thus causing a rescue mission from Insp Carlie Bell. Other ideas, T & B could seek out Arthur Vadors great Grand Father Sid Vador and seek to put the kybosh on his assignation with a local lass that leads to the descendants who in turn begat the villain Arthur.

Update 07/09/10

Barry Hunt Suggested that the two white lightning troupers could have slunk aboard and have become unwitting stowaways to the past. This gives scope to some story lines and a reason for Inspector Bell to travel back and save Tommy and Barry. Slight complication is the voice artists for these characters reside in Finland and Lithuania respectively. I'm meeting with Skinningrove history group to discuss story-lines and one piece came up in an oral history session. Fatty Smith in the home guard stood armed at the end of the Jetty. Four sheets to the wind he bravely protected the community from possible German invaders whilst in danger of himself toppling over into the sea. John Lawson added the story that apparently a sergeant arrived on the scene to complain that the Skinningrove Home Guard were shooting at British planes!