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Special Thanks

TotalLunar Eclipse
Eladon Galsworthy
Kate Miranda
Judy Cockeram, University of Aukland
Special Thanks to the BBC for inspiration.


Steelhead Boomtown
Kaiako New Zealand


Steve Thompson
Skinningrove History Group
Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum

Set Design
Paul Li, Steve Thompson


Inspector Charlie Bell - Himself
Barry Hunt - Himself
Tommy Evans - Himself
Geordie Valhalla - Steve Thompson
Eric Bloodaxe - Charlie Bell
Seargent Bluster - Ian Wilson
Shift Foreman - Colin Hart
Miner - Alan Richardson
Miners Wife - Audrey Metcalf
Tina - Mia Coombs
Alun Alum - Markus Petz
Thomas Tannery - Tomasz Chaipitus
Straad Kirk (Zeppelin Pilot) Franz Nahdre
Stunts Joan
Fatty Smith Peter

Hurry Home sung by Barry Hunt and Wavelenth
Music and Lyrics - Steve Thompson
Produced and Directed by Straad Tomsen